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Big Time Adulting

Feb 7, 2024

Our storyteller today is writer Mal Wrenn Corbin, a cherished friend of Caitlin Murray’s mom. Mal grew up in Worcester, MA a town riddled by poverty, addiction, and violence. Mal grew up in an unsafe home, witnessing domestic violence, alcholism, and drug abuse. Her childhood was tossed in and out of the foster care system and she found solace at school and in her friendships. After a youth marked by neglect and loss, she escaped Worcester and ultimately persevered. She went on to Dartmouth college and built a successful life for herself. But becoming a mother was a turning point that helped her recognize her own self-worth for the first time. Mal’s story highlights the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. This on is a tear jerker!

Mal has written a memoir, Raising Wrenns, where she revisits her past and begins to embrace her family's flaws.  

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